Shipping Information

Shipping Arrangements / Local pickup

Normally we will ship your goods within 2 working days after confirm your payment. And it will take about 2-7 working days to your shipping address via EMS (It depends on how far for the shippment)

For Hong Kong Local Delivery we usually use SF-Express, normally it only take within 2 working days to your hand (SF-Express can also ship to any Convenience store like 7-11 or OK nearby your location)

You are always welcomed to pick up your goods from our shop
Our shop locate on:
G/F, 89 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong

有關送貨安排 / 本地取貨

一般來說我們會在確認付款後2個工作日內發貨。 我們通過EMS(特快專遞)需要大約2-7個工作日到達您的送貨地址(這取決於送貨的距離)



Do you ship internationally?

We can ship to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and most countries in the world. For enquiries, please email ( However, we cannot ship the goods to the mailbox of the post office or the forwarding company’s address.



Does the price of the item include shipping?

We will charge a limited fixed shipping and packing fee:
Hong Kong and Macau Free Shipping
China – HK$160 (Post Office Express – EMS)
Taiwan – HK$160 (Post Office Express – EMS)
China – HK$60 (airmail registered)
Taiwan – HK$60 (airmail registered)
Other countries – HK$200 (Post Office Express – EMS)


香港及澳門 免郵費
中國 – 港幣160元 (郵局特快專遞-EMS)
台灣 – 港幣160元 (郵局特快專遞-EMS)
中國 – 港幣60元 (空郵掛號)
台灣 – 港幣60元 (空郵掛號)
世界其他地區 港幣200元 (郵局特快專遞-EMS)

Payment Information

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Cash, Paypal(Visa,Master), Wechat Pay, Alipay, Bank transfer.

You are welcome to ask for more informations

about the payment methods before you place a order.


我們接受現金, Paypal(Visa,Master), 支付寶, 微信支付, 銀行轉賬。

如有任何疑問, 歡迎在下訂單或購買前向我們查詢

Is buying online safe?

Our online store has been securely encrypted with SSL (https).
If you use paypal payment, paypal website has it’s multiple secure encryption.
So you can rest assured to shop on our website.
After SSL encryption (https), all your payment information
will not be stored on our website.



How to order & buy

How do I place an order?

You can order via our online shop. You just need to choose what you want to buy and click “add to cart”, and then follow the step after press “checkout”. 

For made-to-order series, or those series that did not shown in our online shop, please contact us for more information.


您可以通過我們的網上商店訂購。 您只需選擇想要購買的商品,然後點擊“添加到購物車”,按“結帳”後跟著步驟處理即可。


How do I Track my order?

We will send a tracking number to your e-mail that you provided in the order form. You can also check the recent order state in “my account” page if you are already registered as our shop member.


我們會發送一個郵件追踪號碼給您 (您在訂單中提供的電子郵件)。 如果您已經註冊為我們的商店會員,您還可以在“我的賬戶”頁面查看最近的訂單狀態。

How to clean the accessory & decorate?

Accessory & decorate cleaning

For most of our accessories and decorates are including silver and special metal type materials, you just need a normal cleaning with a cloth or a dust sweep. Please do not touch water or wash directly with water or it will easy to get quality deterioration.


對於我們大多數的配件和裝飾都包括銀色和特殊金屬類型的材料,您只需要用布或灰塵清潔進行正常清潔。 請勿接觸水或直接用水沖洗,否則容易導致質量下降。

Return / Refund / Warranty

Return & Refund Policy

For selfpickup

Normally, our products do not accept returns or refunds unless we have specifically noted.

For Shipping

We will pack very well before mail our products. Normally it will not get damage one the way. But if you receive the goods have been damaged on that day, please tell us on that day, we will send a new one for you by airmail again.

( We reserved the right of final explanation)





在郵寄我們的產品之前,我們會打包好,通常在運送途中它不會受到傷害。 但如果您收到貨物時發現已經損壞,請於當天通知我們,我們將再次通過航空郵件為您發送一個新的貨物。


Handmade product warranty

Our hand-made products have basic repair services, but based on the production methods, we can not guarantee that repairs will be made or repaired well. We will try our best but we cannot guarantee them. If necessary, please contact us for inquiry.


我們的手工製作產品設有基本的保養服務, 但基於製作方式, 我們很難保証修補得到或修補得好, 我們會盡力但我們不能作保証。如有需要修補請先聯絡我們查詢。